Privacy policy

The applicant agree that personell data (name, adress, date of birth, city of birth, ccv and certificates etc.) out of the application documents be allowed to use without any temporal, local or content-related restrictions for the purpose of hiring process for a potencial customer. The applicant can delete his data anytime. As well the applicant agree that his data will be stored for the time of the hiring process.


The survey, acquisition, processing and usage of personell data within IT-system which are associated with the application are subject to data protection regulations. According to § 33 federal data protection act, we point out that personall data stored and transfered within the legal imits. 

The person who is responsable for the publication is obliged to take all mesures to ensure the data protection. Nevertheless, we can't assure that data which are transmitted to third parties stays confidential.

Data protection cannot be fully guaranteed in public grid. We point out possible it could be that third parties are able to penetrade unauthorised and controll the conversation traffic. For the data which are transmitted at the internet, the applicant carries the risk completely for himself.